YWAM or Youth With A Mission is a International movement of Christians from different denominations and countries with a passion for knowing God and making Him known. Currently we are serving in 135 different countries with over 800 locations and about 12,000 full time volunteer staff.

YWAM Fort McMurray has 4 main focuses:

Low income Families- Seeing them empowered to overcome the circumstances that have brought them to the place they find themselves.

Homeless- Building friendships that give diginity and value.

First Nations- learning from and understanding First Nations in Canada.

Youth- empowering them to be the future change.

YWAM Fort McMurray is located in Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada.

Our mission is to build relationships that:

transform, alter, revolutionize, overhaul,  reshape, rebuild, renew, revamp, change; our community our world.


YWAM Fort McMurray, 101 Spruce St., Fort McMurray AB. Canada, T9K 1E2